Richard Peers

Richard Peers

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Responsible Risk Ltd
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Meet Richard Peers

Richard recently founded ResponsibleRisk Ltd to drive improvements in Sustainable Finance adoption and outcomes.   His focus is evangelising a better understanding of the topic and solving ESG challenges with a focus on data and AI. Previously he worked in the Microsoft Global Banking Industry strategy team at Microsoft.

When Richard Peers looked to invest some money in sustainable funds anchored in good environmental practice, he found the offerings were mostly “20th century fund PDFs” rather than the dynamic solutions on offer in other industries. Drawing on two decades of experience in finance for Microsoft, Richard began investigating better solutions that draw on real-time data flows, IoT sensors, AI and blockchains. With more people looking to invest in sustainable funds, Richard is now setting out to help banks better understand what may well be the future of finance.

Richard will join Lafferty Group editorial director Ronan Lynch on stage to take about the tremendous possibilities ahead, with $90 trillion of funds waiting to move into businesses with good environmental and social governance.

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We ask Richard Peers the following questions

Why should banks focus on SME Banking?

SME’s drive an increasing amount of national and global economies. As a sector that has historically been underserved by the banking industry, SME’s know that need a better customer experience, journey and services to save them time and differentiate how they serve their own customers.

Should banks reconcile themselves to being players in the new ecosystem rather than drivers of SME lending?

Banks have to choose their role. Some will be utilities in an ecosystem, others will focus on distribution and others end to end. But to be end to end they will need to be best in class.

What potential do you see for Open Banking and PSD2 (and its equivalents in other regions) to drive new possibilities for SME banking?

Open Banking and PSD2 will allow banks to better serve their customers and address new markets at speed. How by connecting to ecosystems that enrich their offerings.