Onyeka Akumah

Job Title:
Founder & Chief Executive
Farm Crowdy
Meet Onyeka Akuman

Lafferty Group is delighted to announce that Onyeka Akumah, founder of Farmcrowdy and Farmgate, will join the SME Business Banking-Fintech Forum in London to speak about the remarkable experiment in digital agriculture taking place in Nigeria.

Agriculture accounts for 70 percent of Nigeria’s workforce, yet there’s a persistent gap between the supply of finance and the needs of smallholder farmers. For investors without experience of the farming sector, finding trustworthy and creditworthy farmers is a challenge. Farmers without experience of the latest developments in farming techniques also lack access to timely financing for the purchase of seeds and fertiliser. Despite the availability of international and national funds to develop agriculture, these funds rarely reach where they are needed. It’s this problem that Onyeka Akumah is solving.

As founder and chief executive of Farmcrowdy, he is bringing together investors and farmers on Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform, using a community model that depends on local knowledge to onboard farmers. The Farmcrowdy model can work equally well in other countries. With as many as 250 million smallholder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa, mostly lack access to smart farming techniques, seeds and credit, this is an enormous opportunity to support those closest to the cultivation of our food – while making a profitable return and helping to secure global food security.

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