Miguel Da Silva

Job Title:
Managing Director: Funding
Retail Capital
Meet Miguel Da Silva

Miguel Da Silva, Managing Director: Funding at Retail Capital, he has played a significant role in establishing the company from a start-up company in 2011 to a market leader in providing alternative business funding to SME’s in South Africa. Miguel specialises in strategy and digital innovation.

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We ask Miguel Da Silva the following questions

Why should banks focus on SME Banking?

SME’s are vital for the economic growth and competitiveness of any country.

Should banks reconcile themselves to being players in the new ecosystem rather than drivers of SME lending?

Banks should rather be part of a new ecosystem as it can unlock new value for them by collaborating with other service providers in providing new products to their customers.

What potential do you see for Open Banking and PSD2 (and its equivalents in other regions) to drive new possibilities for SME banking?

It opens the door for collaboration with fintech’s to provide innovative solutions to SME’s, leading to new revenue streams and most importantly customer loyalty.