Colm Lyon

Colm Lyon

Job title:
CEO & Founder
Meet Colm Lyon

Colm Lyon is one of Europe’s leading payments and fintech entrepreneurs. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Colm has built payment businesses, led change across the industry and supported the wider business community.

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FIRE.COM provides dual-currency euro and sterling accounts to businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Open your Fire business account online in as little as 24 hours – you’ll get a dedicated euro IBAN and sterling NSC/account number. There are no recurring fees – only pay for your account when you use it. Take advantage of our low cost realtime FX transfers to collect and make payments across Europe. Issue multiple Fire MasterCard® debit cards to your staff. Integrate to the Fire API to take complete control of your payment processes.

The Fire business account is available to businesses incorporated in the UK and Ireland. also provides personal accounts – pay your friends using their mobile number and request payment via your social networks. Search “Fire Personal Account”​ in the App Stores.

Fire Financial Services Limited (trading as Fire and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.



We ask Colm Lyon the following questions

Why should banks focus on SME Banking?

SMEs account for a vast and vital section of the economy. As they start, grow and scale they need to consume a large array of financial services products, making them a very attractive market.

Should banks reconcile themselves to being players in the new ecosystem rather than drivers of SME lending?

Banking is as relevant now as it always has been. The ecosystem may have changed but the basic and fundamental requirement of the customer remains the same.

What potential do you see for Open Banking and PSD2 (and its equivalents in other regions) to drive new possibilities for SME banking?

The opportunity to develop more integrated and holistic solutions to their customers.