Babs Ogundeyi

Job Title:
Founder / CEO
Kuda Bank
Meet Babs Ogundeyi

Babs has spent most of his career working within finance, both in the private and public sector. He has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers advising banks and was also a Senior Special Adviser on Finance to the Nigerian Government.


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We ask Babs Ogundeyi the following questions

Why should banks focus on SME Banking?

SMEs are the driving force of most economies, particularly in emerging market, banks should encourage this sector.

Should banks reconcile themselves to being players in the new ecosystem rather than drivers of SME lending?

The traditional way of offering banking services is changing rapidly, all the different types of banks need to reassess how best to play in the new ecosystem.

What potential do you see for Open Banking and PSD2 (and its equivalents in other regions) to drive new possibilities for SME banking?

In the interest of providing the best banking services to consumers, open banking needs to be encouraged, luckily we are starting to see more open regulators championing open banking initiatives.