Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

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Chief Technology Officer
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Meet Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the founding chief technology officer of ClearBank. He provides a brilliant description of banking-as-a-service as “banking deconstructed and delivered in granular, individual services”. Andrew will represent ClearBank on the outstanding opening panel Reinventing banking as a digital business along with Oliver Prill of Tide and Amir Nooriala of Oak North.

With over twenty years of experience in technology, Andrew started his career in software development before moving on to senior roles in enterprise technical architecture for blue chip organisations across the banking, finance, insurance and telecommunications sectors. Since 2012, Andrew has specialised in FinTech, acting as CTO for a number of disruptive start-ups and providing consultancy to a select number of financial institutions before becoming a founding member of ClearBank.

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We ask Andrew Smith the following questions

Why should banks focus on SME Banking?

A combination of new regulation, changing customer requirements and the arrival of new players and technologies has created a clear window of opportunity for banks to increase SME market share and revenues.

As a bank, what potential do you see for Open Banking and PSD2 (and its equivalents in other regions) to drive new possibilities for SME banking?

Open Banking and PSD2 will drive new financial based services and dare we say, products. These new services will no doubt lead to greater numbers of SMEs utilising more appropriate financial products, leading to improved customer outcomes.